Facts About Indian Sports Legends You Probably Didn’t Know

India is a home to one of the most major sports events which are featured on the sports breaking news every now and then. Apparently, each of the sports have had its legends in India who have been the pride of the nation.

However, some of the most bizarre facts have still not been known by most of the people. These facts aren’t any regular events which were covered by any latest sports news headline, but is quite different, which were marked as some of the most important moments in sports history. Some of facts about the Indian sports legends which you probably didn’t know are:

  1. Sachin Tendulkar has fielded for Pakistan in one of the test matches

In one of the Test Series against India in 1987, Pakistan was captained by Imran Khan whose team was short on fielders. At that time, Sachin, who was 13 years of age was asked to field for Pakistan. This even though wasn’t covered by most of the sports news, still it is one of the most amazing moments in Cricket history.

2. Rahul Dravid has a Wall dedicated to him on his name

Rahul Dravid has been known as the ‘Wall’ for a long time because of his unbeaten performance all over his career. In Bangalore, in front of the Chinnaswamy Stadium, there is a wall which is made of 10,000 bricks which has been dedicated to the Dravid’s achievement of crossing 10,000 runs. It has already been featured in many of the sports breaking online as well as offline and other sports magazines. The wall was inaugurated by Sachin Tendulkar. It consists of an electronic meter which displays Rahul Dravid’s total runs, which eventually stopped right at 13,288, at the time when he retired.

3. Milkha Singh, pronounced with the title ‘Flying Sikh’ by the Pakistani PM in such an event which he did not even want to contest

Milkha Singh is known for his athletic personality and being an amazing runner and a great sportsman overall. Now in 1960, he was asked to join a contest in Pakistan, yet he refused because he didn’t want to go to such a country where his parents were killed. However, he did join and even beat the sprinter Abdul Khaliq, hailing from Pakistan itself. After the race was over, the Pakistani President, General Ayub complimented him by saying, “Milkha! You did not run! You flew!”

4. Never in his career has Kapil Dev ever missed a match because of injuries

Kapil Dev undoubtedly was one of the most amazing sportsman and an amazing cricketer and in his span of 184 innings as a batsman in Tests across his life, he was never run out, not even once. He had an amazing level of fitness and in the span of his 131 matches, he has never missed a single match because of any injury.

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