3 Uses For Your Job (Besides Money)

Your job is more useful than just cashing a paycheck. Here’s the real value behind waking up at 6am to punch a clock.

Contribute to the Greater Good at Your Job i.e. Pay Taxes

Uncle Sam thanks you for going to your job every day.

Why? Please ask me why?

Okay, I’ll tell you why. It’s because when you go to work, you collect a wage or salary from an employer. This is called ordinary income. When a wage or salary is paid, you pay your state and local taxes. Additionally, your employer has to match a portion of your taxes (roughly 7.5% of your total pay) and pay it as well. That adds up.

What’s better, the more you make at your job, the more taxes you pay! So as you get more and more productive and proficient at your craft, put in your years, you can expect Uncle Sam to take more and more from you.

Check this out…

Notice that the better off your income from working your job, (ordinary income earned building someone else’s company, growing someone else’s dream, wasting away your life) the more Uncle Sam takes from you.

HOWEVER, the tax burden for capital gains, that is the increase in value for the OWNERS, does NOT increase. See that? Well… I guess once they make 400k we can raise the bar just a bit.

Uncle Sam won’t tell you that most Americans are dependent upon ONE source of ordinary income and that ordinary income is a trap and it SUCKS!

If you owned your own business, you could deduct a shitload of things you do every day!

They don’t teach you this stuff in school. Along with compound interest, how stocks work, how to balance a checkbook, etc. Ya know, stuff that matters. Actually, I did learn some of this when I went to a Master’s of Accounting program. That’s right. Not one mention in undergrad. But I sure as hell got my fill of “Women in Opera,” “Music,” “Intro to Poetry,” and “Children’s Fiction” (real and random gen-ed courses I took to graduate).

Softening of Opinions and Social Skills at Your Job

There are untrackable numbers of anonymous Twitter accounts. A lot of them are trolls, but a lot of them are also real live people who are hiding their opinions from their bosses.

It breaks my heart when I see stories on social media of someone losing their job running their big mouth (exercising their 1st amendment right) to their followers. I’m not talking degenerate, image ruining, drunken gang-bang pictures. I’m talking people voicing which candidate they support. Which policies they agree or disagree with. Twitter itself frequently censors people.

By having a job, you are sure to master the art of small talk, learn how to balance atop eggshells, and maintain an unrealistically pleasant and agreeable social media persona, shedding all individuality and personal beliefs, to avoid your boss’s guillotine.

Exceeding Personal Goals at Your Job

The dreaded all-staff conference room meeting is sure to push the limits of your consciousness and sanity at your job. Your boss can dance and clap and cheer all they want at the front of the room regarding this month’s numbers, billable hours, etc., because it means jack shit to you, the employee, as you struggle to avoid falling asleep. That would be rude.

Meanwhile, his stock options are booming as he praises those who exceeded monthly quotas and cracks the whip on those who fell short. As a member of the staff, your income has stayed pretty steady and the only objective is to survive this 90-minute powerpoint pep-rally in this much-softer-than-my-desk’s chair, in the always-just-a-bit-too-warm conference room.

I like to make use of this time by challenging myself to beat previous records for how many names I can list in my head for each letter of the alphabet, how long I can hold my breath, and how many seconds I can count off before bouncing my leg again.

For most of you, you aren’t really happy at your job. You don’t have to quit, not today, but for shit’s sake, start looking for your passion. For those who are happy as a clam, you should at least be building outside sources of income anyways, just in case you unwittingly step out of line.

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Originally published at all99life.com on October 12, 2016.

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