When Your Calling Seems Vague and Unclear, You’re on the Right Track
Jeff Goins

I was in this position. I didn’t know my calling. I knew I enjoyed writing so I started blogging in 2012. Then I wrote a novella in 2015. I started a novel in May of 2015 and it will release April 1, 2016. Finishing that project showed me that not only could I write a full-length novel, but that writing was all I wanted to do. I quickly lost interest with my corporate job and on February 16, 2016 I left my office for lunch and never went back. I do not plan to get another job.

A lot of people think this is a bad plan, mainly because I still don’t have a clear plan. I’m going to write, see what happens, and learn from what the world gives me back. I don’t know if it will work or not. What I did know when I made my decision was I wasn’t ever going back to my cube at work. This move seemed like the most direct route to finding my answers.

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