Preparing for Labor.

You Got It.

Preparing to bring a child into the world naturally has been really empowering and exciting. It has also been overwhelming and scary. The choice to have a natural birth outside of a hospital was instinctual. I hadn’t done any research, I just went with my intuition. I have nothing against birthing inside of a hospital with the help of pain medication, and I am open to that being in my future, if it is needed. But, I am going to try my best to do this naturally at the birthing center.

If you are on the fence about it, I do have a recommendation to educate yourself on both sides of the spectrum. There is a great documentary called “The Business of Being Born. Drew and I watched it after we made our decision to use a birthing center, and it made us feel at peace about the lack of medical interventions available at the center.

So, like I said, this whole preparation has been a tad bit nerve-wracking. So many big changes coming up, so much uncertainty… Will I be able to handle the pain? Will everything go smoothly? Will my baby be healthy? Will we be good parents? Will we know what to do!? We all know that the unknown is often a little scary, sometimes a lot scary, so I decided to ask some of my close friends and family for encouragement. I felt vulnerable to ask for love and praise, but my desire to hear from them overcame my fear of looking selfish or needy. I was kind of specific in my request, and I wasn’t really sure why, except that it felt right.

In addition to asking for words of encouragement for childbirth, I asked them to share a lesson with me that I had taught them. I now understand why I asked for this strange thing… I needed them to speak “me” back to me. I needed to be reminded of instances where I was powerful and healing, so that I could remember those lessons for myself. I cannot tell you how at peace I feel after reading their beautiful love letters to me.

To my friends/family who sent me those notes, I have them all printed out and highlighted. Thank you for reminding me of who I am.

I was going through some old footage of me dancing last night, and I found a clip of myself dancing to a cover (by Whoopi Goldberg!) of “You Got It” and it reminded me of something… A while back, I had this epiphany. I’m not sure if I’m alone in this discovery, but let me explain it. You can take songs (especially love songs) like that one, and sort of flip the meaning around to make it about self-love. For example, here are some lyrics from “You Got It”:

“Anything you want, you got it. Anything you need, you got it. Anything at all, you got it.”

Now, what if, instead of it being about someone giving you those things, what if it was someone (maybe your higher self) telling you that you already have it inside of you?

Anything you want, you already have it. Anything you need, you already have it. Anything at all, you already have it. Whoa. Powerful stuff.

I was struggling to channel that message while I was dancing to the song last summer. It’s a hard pill to swallow. But it is completely and utterly the truth. Everything we need is already inside of us. My hope for myself is that I can always remember this lesson of being enough and being equipped to handle whatever life throws at me. I know I can do anything by connecting to my truth, the truth that lives in all of us that is connected to the Divine. We are all so much more capable than we often believe.

Leech Lake, MN — June, 2015

I am sharing this to remind myself and everyone else that anything you want or need, you already have it. The key is to believe that you are enough and allow your soul/truth/divine power/love to help you. My mom sent me this beautiful quote for labor, but it it goes without saying that it applies to anything in life.

Thank you for reading and watching. I’m off to continue nesting like a maniac. :)


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