Wanted: Are You Triggered by Ryan Tannehill?

There’s no introduction to this piece. I’ll get straight to the point! Are you an ex-Miami Offensive Lineman/Defensive player/Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator, (or fan) who has felt victimized by Ryan Tannehill? Did you escape, and in doing so benefit from the success of no longer playing with the Miami QB? If so…please tweet me at @all_right_Miami as I have been looking for you.

I’ve been looking for you because — at the moment — you are nothing but a unicorn, a Marlins winning season, a fabric of people’s imagination. Which people, you ask? Well…the people that ignorantly state that Ryan Tannehill (Quarterback for your ex-employer) was holding you back. They are the same people that believe he was and/or IS the problem with your ex-employer. They’re the righteous, the few, the proud, the Tannehill “truthers!”

But there seems to be a problem; you DO. NOT. EXIST. You imaginary people that were being held back by Tannehill and just needed to escape in order to take that next big step in their career. Where are you?

Where are the ex-Miami OL players that have gone and started elsewhere? Where are the ex-Miami Offensive Coordinators lighting up the league? Where is the ex-Miami Head Coach taking his next step in his NFL career? Where are the ex-Miami DEF players who have gone and improved?

Answer: they’re currently undesired free agents, below-average backups, coaching High School football, coaching an underperforming OL unit in IND, and out of the sport entirely! So then where are the unicorns? Where are those of you that “survived Tannehill?” Again, I ask this because the theory is simple → if Tannehill was the problem, then there should be success stories of “I survived Tannehill” everywhere. Every team you look to, there should be a J. Martin, B. Turner, D. Thomas, Fox starting and thriving on the Offensive Line. Philbin should be taking another team and QB to the playoffs. Lazor and Sherman (instead of regressing to QB coach and coaching High School football) should be lighting up the league with a “qualified” quarterback. Spoiler: they aren’t. Say it with me:





Why? Because Ryan Tannehill has never been the problem. It’s possible…hear me out…that all these castoff OL/DEF/HC/OC may have been the problem. That the same people who can’t find a job, yet were starting in front of Tannehill, may have been the problem. That the same coaches that can’t maintain lateral changes, or even single steps down the coaching chain, may have been the problem. Get over your illogical hate for the Miami QB and wake up…the future is bright in Miami and it most likely is centered around R. Tannehill, Coach A. Gase, and their continued work together. No one is stating he is Marino, Tier 1, or going to do it all alone (something Marino was never even able to accomplish), but those of you that feel the need to constantly bash on him are doing it on thin ground, with no reasoning or logic, just unicorns and imagination.

PS: This is unrelated, but I’m going to include it. According to Pro Football Focus → J. Winston and M. Mariota’s BEST graded seasons are worse than R. Tannehill’s WORST graded season. Do you understand that? Tannehill’s worst graded season is better than Winton’s and Mariota’s best seasons thus far. This will surely become relevant during the NFL Network’s Top 100 show, so just wanted to get ahead of the punch here. Okay…that is all!

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  • Danny M.
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