Choose More than One Color with the Bi-Color Sapphire Gemstone

You may be aware of the different colored sapphires including the iconic blue sapphire and cherished pink sapphire but have you heard of Bi Color Sapphires? If not, then prepare to be dazzled by the multi-color sapphires we have to offer. The Bicolor Sapphire Engagement Ring is a perfect choice for those brides who cannot decide on just one color. You can Buy a Bi-Color Sapphire Gemstone to match your colorful personality. We have got rings showcasing natural bicolor sapphires as well as bi-color loose natural sapphires at our online store.

Bi color sapphires are the rarest kind of stones which is why most people do not know they even exist. You can go through the pictures in our gallery to see what bi-color loose natural sapphires look like. The multi-color sapphires are truly mesmerizing and can transfix anyone who looks at them. We have a wide collection of natural bicolor sapphire in stock for you to choose from. The bi-color sapphire gemstone displays two different colors because of the irregular distribution of colors in the stone. It is caused when trace elements present in the stone change conditions. The bicolor sapphire engagement ring has a stone that has two distinct colors visible to the human eye.

Bi Color Loose Natural Sapphires are available in dramatic color zoning that is two distinct colors visible in the gem and slight color zoning which shows two similar colors but not quite the same shade. The bi color sapphires are a great choice for brides who are spontaneous and fun. You can judge whether a natural bi color sapphire is a quality product or not by noticing the strength of the actual color and the superiority of color change. In a strong bi-color sapphire gemstone the two colors are very prominent and you will immediately know. Our bicolor sapphire engagement ring is made with the best multi-color sapphires available to ensure there are no complaints from our customers.

Bi Color Sapphires are highly desirable because of their contrasting hues and brilliant shine. One color merging into another complimentary color is what attracts buyers the most towards the multi-color sapphire. Just one look at a natural bicolor sapphire face up is enough to make you fall in love with this precious gemstone. Bicolor sapphire engagement rings are available at different prices depending on the stone’s color, level of color change, clarity and intensity. The bicolor loose natural sapphires are valued on their attractiveness as well as uniqueness of colors. Despite the hefty price, bi-color sapphire gemstones are much sought after by soon-to-be fiancés and brides for their rings.

The bi color sapphires are available in a variety of cuts. We provide you with different shaped multi-color sapphires just like we do with our other sapphire collections. You can select the one you want for your bicolor Sapphire Engagement Ring and we will deliver it to you. The natural bicolor sapphire is usually small in size but it still looks enviable when added to jewelry pieces. Customers can buy bicolor loose natural gemstones from our store or place an order for the bi-color sapphire gemstone to be set on a band of their choice.


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