A chemical composition of beryllium-aluminum oxide mineral is known as Chrysoberyl. Its chemical composition is a bit different from beryl however a lot of people confuse them both together. Chrysoberyl isn’t found in large deposits and hence therefore cannot be used as an ore. Its majority of use is as a gemstone due to its impressive hardness and properties of color change.

Chrysoberyl is one of the most sought out gemstones due to its exceptional quality and aesthetic nature. There are numerous varieties of gems available in this category. Each of these gems are distinguished with their own unique name and physical properties. There is a variety of colors available in chrysoberyl however the most commons are in the ranges of yellow to yellow green. Its diaphaneity varies from translucent to transparent however transparent stones are generally cut into faceted stones.

There are two major categories of Chrysoberyl including Cat’s Eyes and Alexandrite. Both of these categories have distinguished features that price them accordingly. So if you want to propose to your loved one and are looking to gift them something exquisite, buying loose chrysoberyl is the best option.

Loose chrysoberyl Gems are the perfect expression of love for someone dear to you. It will not only showcase that you actually care about the other person but gifting something expensive would be a reflection of how important they mean to you. Buying a Loose Chrysoberyl Gemstone can be a troublesome task as there are multiple varieties available in the market. Therefore it is essential that you understand the pricing and difference of the types available.

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