Leslie McHugh — An ER nurse Works in a 300-Bed Hospital in Port Harcourt

Leslie McHugh is a highly experienced ER nurse based in Nigeria. She works in a 300-bed hospital in Port Harcourt. At this hospital, she is working for more than 2 years, and has been involved in medical treatments and operations. She is responsible for obtaining and recording patients’ health history, performing complete physical assessment. She also does diagnosis, treatment, and planning appropriate health care, refer patients to physicians, provide and prescribe medications, and assist doctors in performing medical procedures.

Leslie McHugh is a well-educated ER nurse who is studied from the United States of America. She attended a California based leading university for bachelor of science in nursing. She completed this degree in 2002, and then enrolled in a master of science in nursing from an Ohio based university. Leslie is a fitness enthusiast, and she participated in volleyball, tennis, and basketball. She became a part of a bike race organized for funding a cancer research program.

After completing her studies in 2005, Leslie McHugh worked as a Travel ER Registered nurse, and traveled various medical centers across the US. She worked on short-term assignments as well as a part of the nursing staff. Her responsibilities included providing initial medical care and assessment, planning and coordinating personalized patient care using different aspects of the nursing process.

Leslie comes from the family of medical professionals. Her father is a dentist, mother is a ophthalmologist, and husband is a general practitioner. She is greatly inspired by her father who has contributed a lot in the success of several medical research processes. Thus, after completing her secondary education, she shifted to the US to pursue her career in the nursing field.

She worked in many hospitals and healthcare centers in New York for 5 years, and then returned to Nigeria. She is working in Port Harcourt based hospital at present.

Leslie McHugh, an ER nurse, has interest in exercising and a variety of sports like ping pong, basketball, and tennis. In free time, she plays sports and often goes for running in a local park with her dog.

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