Leslie McHugh — An Experienced ER Nurse in Rome

Leslie McHugh is an experienced ER Nurse based in Italy. She specializes in providing care for patients in emergency conditions. She has worked for various sought-after medical facilities in Rome and other cities across the country. She has comprehensive knowledge of different aspects of emergency care, and experienced in providing quality medical care for patients of all ages. She has been working with a multinational medical facility for approximately 3 years. At this facility, she won the “Best Employee of the Year” award last year. She is responsible for monitoring health conditions, planning long-term care needs, minor medical operations, and administering medicine. She also advises patients and their loved ones on different life-threatening conditions, and provides continued care.

Leslie McHugh, a skilled ER Nurse, was born in 1985 in Rome. Both her parents were IT professionals, but she decided to become an ER nurse. When she was a kid, she loves to play various sports. She was an avid participant in sports events in her school and college times, and has won several awards as well. She completed her studies from a reputed Rome university, and then received training in emergency nursing from a reputable hospital. She worked with various experienced medical professionals and doctors, and learned how to attend the patients who are at critical stages of their life. She also gained comprehensive knowledge and experience in delivering quality care as per the needs of the patients.

Leslie is a popular author who has publications in various magazines and online journals. Recently, she has written a book on emergency care in which she has discussed various topics such as how to provide medical care to patients in life-threatening conditions, emergency care techniques, etc.

Apart from an ER nurse, Leslie McHugh is also a true humanitarian who promotes the efforts that are aimed at betterment of the community. She along with her colleagues started a charitable cause, which provides free medical assistance to the poor and needy across Rome. It was established in 2014, and has helped thousands of individuals meet their medical care needs. Leslie is thinking to expand roots of her charitable cause to other neighboring cities covering more individuals.