Leslie McHugh Is a Seasoned ER Nurse Based in Kentucky, USA

Leslie McHugh is a Kentucky based ER nurse having many years of experience under her belt. She currently works in one of the leading hospitals in the United States, where she monitors junior nurses very closely in order to ensure that patients are properly taken care of. She is also responsible for the rotation of nurses and acts as a shift supervisor.

Leslie McHugh is responsible for answering the questions of patients & addressing their concerns. She coordinates with Sr. doctors in order to keep them updated on each patient’s healthcare reports. The major responsibilities of Leslie in the Emergency room include:

* Administering medications
 * Assisting patients to stabilize 
 * Applying bandages
 * Checking vital signs
 * Helping surgeons with different procedures &
 * Noting any changes in the condition of the patients.

Leslie McHugh, being the senior ER nurse is usually among the first few people on the scene when patients are admitted to the ER room. As an Emergency room is usually a very busy area, she has to see multiple patients in a quick succession. In these high stress situations, she makes rational as well as quick decisions. She works for long hours & spends a lot of time attending emergency cases. She also takes precautionary measures to protect herself from getting exposed to infected bodily fluids, infectious diseases, or contaminated blood. In any given shift, she is able to work with women in labor, patients suffering from heart stroke & trauma, auto accident persons, and many other life threatening health ailments.

Leslie McHugh pursued her training from one of the leading colleges in the United States, where she graduated in a nursing program. Due to her excellent nursing skills, she is able to deal with complex cases wherein patients are high on drugs, drunk, gruesomely traumatized, or suffering from a severe mental health condition. She is also associated with various NGO’s that provide free of cost medical facilities to the poor section of the society.

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