Leslie McHugh is a Senior Executive Chef in One of Portland’s Top Restaurants

Leslie McHugh is a Portland based chef having many years of experience. She currently holds the position of a Senior Executive Chef at a leading restaurant. She is responsible for preparing a variety of dishes from different cuisines. Her main aim is to ensure that the dishes are delicious and are served on time to the customers in order to enhance the restaurant’s profitability.

Leslie McHugh is always maintains a level head while displaying her strong leadership skills for maximizing the productivity of other chefs, culinary assistants, dishwashers, cooks, and other kitchen staff members. She works full time up to 12 hours a day to supervise the food delivery in the mornings, and preparing special menu items in the afternoon, and overseeing the kitchen during dinner hours. She also coordinates the activities of the cooks for determining the best possible preparation of the food, to ensure the quality of meals, and for inspecting kitchen cleanliness. She is also responsible for adding new recipes in the existing menu, training and hiring food preparation workers, following a food budget, monitoring purchase orders, and updating the head restaurateur.

Leslie McHugh has exceptional leadership skills, which she uses for ensuring a positive work environment She motivates the restaurant staff to demonstrate a professional as well as a dedicated approach towards the management. Being an excellent communicator, she knows how to make the staff understand guest needs, provide them the required guidance, and get the right feedback.

Leslie McHugh has received rigorous training in culinary arts at a leading college in the United States. While completing her culinary arts program, she learnt about various aspects of food sanitation regulations, planning menus, and different purchasing methods. After the completion of the program, she started working as a line cook and eventually received a promotion as the executive chef. Due to her dedication and hard work, she has maintained a good reputation among her colleagues. She is not only known for her excellent culinary skills, but also for her dedication towards her work and friendly nature.

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