Serenellini 72 Piano Accordions

SerenelliniAccordions are making this high quality piano accordion in both ply wood and solid wood. The sound of this accordion is superb and the quality of the professional reeds shines through. Every player who has tried this accordion in All About Accordions has returned and purchased because of the genuine quality of the instrument. The reeds are the best special bulged A Mano Artigano reeds and they don’t come any better than these reeds. The action on the instrument is amazing and ideal for Irish Piano accordions musiciansplazing Irish music, this is what draws professional musicians to this instrument.

All about Accordions has chosen this quality 72 bass accordion as part of their recommended accordions for professional players. This accordion outshines all other accordions in this section / bracket and is the ultimate 72 bass accordion for the player of Irish Traditional Music.

Serenellini piano accordions are played in all the Irish music communities around the world.

More and more of their accordions are showing up in competitions as well as well as in professional bands of Irish Music.
 Please call in to All About Accordions and see for yourself the superb action and professional sound of these accordions.

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