Ghana Culture: Fufu Recipes

If you are in loved with Ghana culture, then you probably know how tasty their fufu meal is. Would you like to give this one a try in your home? Well we can’t blame you as cassava fufu is deemed as the most traditional fufu meal in Nigeria. There are numerous versions of such like powdered versions and so forth. If you would like to know how to create one at home, better keep on reading.

In Igboland, the cassava fufu is usually eaten with traditional Nigerian soups for swallows similar to Ora soup and Bitterleaf soup but much like the other Nigerian fufu meals, you could eat together with other Nigerian soups aside from pepper soups. The cassava fufu is known in differentnames like Loi Loi, Mr. White, Santana and Akpu in Igbo.

What is fufu? The ingredients you must have to prepare cassava fufu meal is raw cassava fufu as well as water. Native Nigerians prefer adding unripe local banana for a more traditional taste and then, boiling it and pounded with cassava fufu. In the event that the raw cassava fufu doesn’t hold together, you may try making the balls, add a cassava flour to serve as a binder.

You must line the pot prior to adding the balls of cassava fufu. This is done so by that, the balls don’t stick to the pot. It will be wise to make use of uma leaves, banana leaves, plastic bag as liners while utensils to pound the fufu.

Now in cooking it, you have to set water to boil. There has to be enough of it to cover the balls of akpu. Put in the raw cassava fufu in the bowl and knead it with your hands to mix it very well. Add water as you do. This is essential to make it bind together when you make balls. When you are satisfied, create medium balls of akpu and set it aside. In case that the akpu is weak to make balls, put in more cassava flour and mix it well.

As soon as the water boils, add lining to the cover inside the pot. Then after, add the cassava fufu balls featured at the site. Cover the pot and let it cook for the next 5 minutes. As soon as you see that there are cracks on the balls, it indicates that it’s ready to be taken off for its first round of pounding. Make sure that you visit an article at if you are eager to learn more ideas.

Turn the heat off and transfer the cassava fufu balls to mortar and pound it well to crush all lumps. If using stand mixer, just put it in a bowl and run it to mix the dough. When you are through, the fufu would look like smooth and white without lumps.