Learn the Culture of Ghana

Ghana is a wonderful African nation. It has a rich cultural heritage. As civilizations bloom in the east and the west, Ghana goes along in establishing its own history and future in many different aspects. For instance, religion, politics and governance, religion and belief, economy, education and so on and so forth. If you are excited to know more about this country in the African continent, then kindly read on to the next few parts of this short write-up.


Ghana has three types of music. One is ethnic or traditional which is usually played at funerals and during festivities. The second is the so-called high life music which is a combination of the traditional music and the imported music. And the last one is the choral music which is the music performed in churches, schools and concert halls. People in the country are music lovers. Music can be heard everywhere. This is the reason why music has continued to evolve in this place although the trace of the traditional sounds cannot be ignored. Take time to listen to these from the fufu café.


Every country has a traditional dance of its own. Ghana has so many traditional dances that are performed during various occasions and festivals. For instance, there are dances for funerals. There are also dances for special celebrations like weddings. Storytelling of tribes also has a special type of dance. Religious dances are also common in the nation which are performed mainly for praising and worshiping purposes. Dances in the nation are used not just to express the self but also to educate people. The other noble purpose of dances is to delight and entertain audiences. You can also visit http://familypedia.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Ghanaian_culture if you need more information and ideas about the topic.


Today and in the past, women in Ghana are perceived to be children bearers. At other times, they are seen to be farmers or retailers of fish. Women’s ability to reproduce children are understood by the people to be the means through which lineage of ancestors are given a way to be reborn. During the pre-colonial times, men of the country are motivated to marry more than once, especially those who are rich. The giving of dowry has also been a part of the marriage tradition of this country. In this practice, parents of daughters who are betrothed to men are recognized for their taking good care of their female children. This is also a way by which the man can give thanks to the parents for the good training they have done to their daughter.

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