Non Emergency Medical Transportation Vehicles Service in Savannah, GA

All About Medical Transportation (AAMT) is dedicated to providing safe and timely non-emergency medical transportation options in Georgia to individuals with special medical needs. Our goal is to provide the most relaxing and stress-free medical transportation in our spacious and well-equipped vehicles. AAMT’s professional, caring drivers go above and beyond to ensure the comfort and safety of every passenger en route to the hospital, doctor’s office, assisted living center, or other facility. Our non emergency medical transportation service in Georgia are fully-equipped with essential medical equipment, including stretchers, breathing assistance devices, blood pressure kits, first aid supplies, medical bags, and more. Our drivers are trained to use this equipment, ensuring that passengers receive the care they need en route to their destination.

Stretcher Transportation Service : For persons with special medical needs, it’s important to have access to stretcher transportation services that can get them to the appropriate facility in a timely manner. That’s what we offer at AAMT. As a leading non-emergency medical transportation services provider in Georgia, we maintain a fleet of state-of-the-art vehicles in which patients can ride in comfort to their destination. Our medical transportation services georgia can deliver people to local and long-distance stops.

We use durable MX Pro series stretchers for transporting patients in Georgia. These stretchers include a variety of comfortable features, such as full-body mattresses, hydraulic suspension, and head and back rest adjustment capabilities. In addition, our stretcher transport vehicles come equipped with a number of comfortable amenities, including a heated seat for a family member or caregiver as well as a DVD player and satellite radio. They also feature AMBU bags, oxygen concentrators, and other standard equipment. Trained to manage a wide range of diseases and ailments, AAMT’s medical stretcher transportation team in Georgia will do everything possible to ensure a relaxing trip.

Located in Savannah, All About Medical Transportation provides efficient, prompt, professional stretcher transportation in Georgia. Our staff has spent more than half a decade refining the AAMT business model, ensuring that our services conform to the highest industry standards. With a trained staff, reasonable pricing, and an unmatched safety record, we’re foremost among stretcher transport services in savannah, georgia and surrounding areas.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Vehicles : Carefully selected for comfort and interior space, All About Medical disabled transportation stretcher vehicles are fully loaded 2012 Toyota Siennas. In addition to luxurious amenities and exceptionally smooth transport, each stretcher van offers a reclining second row seat available for any family member or caregiver accompanying his or her loved one. Passengers are free to relax in heated seats with nearby A/C controls, Sirius satellite radio options, and DVD entertainment. Each stretcher transportation vehicle comes standard with privacy glass and retractable window shades to eliminate unwanted light and glare. Along with basic medical bags and first aid, our vehicles are equipped with Invacare oxygen concentrators, providing oxygen therapy to all patients regardless of the flow rate.

Our wheelchair vehicles are Ford E-Series transport vans equipped with state-of-the-art, side-entry Braun wheelchair lifts. In addition to retractable stairs and 4-point wheelchair locking systems, our wheelchair transportation vans also boast tinted windows to minimize glare and maximize patient privacy. Our vans also utilize cutting edge, retractable lift technology designed to diminish interior noise and increase interior space. Promoting superior gas mileage and substantially lower emissions, our vans are fully equipped with environmentally friendly liquid propane fuel injection systems.

Each transport van also comes stocked with Expedition transport wheelchairs as well as basic medical bags and first aid. Our wireless phone system allows constant communication between our dispatch center and drivers. Every wheelchair van also comes standard with GPS systems for navigational and vehicle tracking purposes.