Nigerian Movies and Culture

Nigeria’s movie industry may not be as mature as other countries’ film industry, but surely it is one of the most prolific. In 2014, the government of Nigeria said the industry has been valued at $3.3 billion. There are more than 1,000 Nollywood movies being produced each year. This means, Nigeria’s film industry is one of the most productive film industry next only to Bollywood in terms of volume.

Nollywood was never like this before. There is no film industry to speak off about 22 years or so ago. It was not until an intrepid sales man who thought of creating Naija movies for the Nigerian masses who are afraid to venture after dark. Crime, insecurity and disease roamed the streets of Lagos. And this prevented people from enjoying life. Most of the time, Nigerians would settle for videos imported for their entertainment. There are no locally-produced films to satisfy the local film tastes of people.

Now this has changed. There are more than 300 producers in Nigeria’s Nollywood. And getting the movies are not just through cinemas or buying copies off street vendors. One can also get some movies viewed online. The Internet has changed the way we see and consume films. It is a double-edge sword where pirates are capturing intellectual property to the disdain of producers who lose money. Pirates are cornering the income generated by films causing problems to the producer. Such actions can be detrimental to the industry and may lead to its downfall. Good thing, there are legitimate sites where one can sample the best of Nollywood movies online as well as the Buzz Nigeria music.

Just like any other industry there are several sites where one can sample Nigerian movies. These sites can help you find the great titles and have them streamed to your machine or device. Streaming movies have become the standard of movie rentals nowadays. Gone are video rental stores, and this is a trend that is capturing fancy all over the globe. Soon, Nigerian movies will be distributed this way. It is not just convenient, but also truly an immersive experience. One can enjoy a nice viewing experience together with the whole family at home without having to spend extra. The money saved can be channeled to a nice popcorn treat for the whole family or friends watching. In order for you to learn more, you can go to

Just search online and you will see a bevy of sites offering nice titles of Nigerian movies which surely can titillate your fancy.

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