The Nigerian Film Industry

Nollywood, Nigeria’s Film Industry is now known as the third largest producer of feature films. Nollywood is at present experiencing a boom in their film industry, despite having limitations on budget in terms of time and money.

In just a matter of thirteen years the Nigerian films industry has jumped from an unheard of industry to a multimillion dollar industry. This industry also has given employment opportunities to a lot of people. This phenomenon is a result of two factors namely, the Nigerian entrepreneurship and digital technology.

How it came about was due to the prevailing situation of the country during the late 80’s and the early 90’s. Nigerian society was facing much crime and insecurity in those days that even movie watching was affected. People were afraid to go out during the night and so there was no business for movie theaters. However, it was the time when home video viewing flourished but most of the videos were American and Indian films. It was during this time that Nigerian entrepreneurs took advantage of the situation and produced their own feature films that starred their own people and shot entirely in their own country.

The early success of the movie Living in Bondage, had a very huge impact on the Nollywood movies industry’s growth. Because of its widespread success, a lot of people were encouraged to join the film making industry. This time saw many people coming into the industry and producing a large number of movies yearly.

At present there are around 300 film producers delivering around 500 to 1000 movies per year. The speed at which is they produce films can be attributed to technological advancement. At present their films are already using digital and HD cameras. Post production tasks are carried on with computer-based systems. These makes it easier to edit films, put music and do other post production work. Also read this Linda Ikeji biography page.

With the delivery of around 30 new titles each week, Nigerian audiences have something to look forward to each week. It is estimate that around 50,000 copies are sold per film. And if the movie becomes a hit movie, then producers expect to sell more. These movies are sold for a couple of dollars, which almost all the residents can afford. And this gives huge returns for producers of these films. Visiting will give you a lot of information too.

The appeal of these movies to native audiences is because the actors and actress are natives themselves. The films are shot entirely on locations familiar to them. And the plot of each film is about their way of life and the social problems that they come face to face each day. These are situations that Nigerian people understand and confront daily.

Nollywood pictures are already invading the rest of Africa and African populations in Europe and America.