Send In The Clones
Erika Hall

See, this is a graphic (pardon the pun) example of the modern world. The idea that just enough is good enough. Why bother noticing anything if that is all you are capable of? If just the observation involves the maximum of your intellectual capacity and effort.

Here it is, “Looks like this is the new design trend.” Seems more like “Thrown of Clowns.” I’ve heard that was trending once as well.

Anyway, there are of course a plethora of meta-comments for each of Erika’s offerings. But I guess there just isn’t enough time in the life of a guardian to explore anything further. Or maybe is all just a cry for help from someone drowning in the unintelligible ocean storm of the new.

A useful nugget of context might have been that it is interesting to note how changes in the “trendy” communication format over the decades, from foolscap/legal to letter/A4 to 640x480 to HD(1280x720) and then finally the glorious FHD(1920x1080) and its 16:9 aspect ratio, have had little final effect on settled design principles.

I say glorious, as when compared with the old fashioned optical camera film ratio of 2:3, which actually required a little skill to compose a photograph, or at least some thought devoted to the image aesthetic, for some as yet inexplicable reason it is now almost impossible to capture a bad images.

So, this “new design trend” is more a catch-up response to the ever-changing limitations imposed by the medium. Inevitably it is a trend, but one driven by the technology of the FHD video format. Want to watch a FHD video on your dusty old computer or your brand new “trendy” “smart” device? Well, it is all going to happen within this latest aspect ratio.

As usual, of late, my only question is, “Where’s the beef?” A lot of fairly unimaginative people who are probably not that well trained in design principles desparately trying to distinguish their “product” within a novel ratio. Undoubtedly there will be numerous “trends” before everything settles once more to the formula.

Fortunately, we still have some great design to look forward to as we pass through the current “trend”on the way to the “new” normality . . .

So, thank you Erika, for making me pause . . . and think . . . or at least remember . . .

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