Lost on Purpose
Brandon Evans

So, despite everything, including all your good fortune, you are still exhibiting the maladaptive traits of your “Type A” personality . . .

This is clearly evidenced by your proud words, but in particular by your parting thoughts, in words you seem particularly desperate to believe . . .

“I now know my purpose and, for the first time, I understand success.”

Then you go on to implore . . .

“Like what you read? Want to wish me a Happy 40th Birthday? Please hit that ❤ button below. You can also follow me to be the first to read my stories.”

Well, Brendon, at least you have learned to parrot the platitudes . . .

No wonder you are not yet adult enough to keep a wife . . .

Maybe one day you will grow up . . . !!

Good luck with that . . . !!

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