Hi there,

Pretty amazed myself that you are actually reading this. The idea of arousing interest in someone is truly unbelievable, especially on Internet.

I’m a 24 year-old human-being, born in France, living in Sweden, and for all that matters here, I’m a player and fan of basketball since forever. Getting to know the NBA so well through the years, I developed a real sense for the game, the teams, the players, the plays.. And a few years ago (only), forgive my European-ness, I discovered Fantasy Basketball.

Since then, I already won a lot of leagues. Finally, all that knowledge, understanding, feel I developed for the game, I could use it and paint on a canvas. Because that is what Fantasy Basketball is, a canvas. Take everything, shake it, and start from scratch.

So hopefully, this feel of mine for the game can be enjoyable enough to read, react upon or, ideally, help.

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