Boot Camp Experience

I’ve had the great opportunity to travel places, meet new people, cultures, languages. It’s always a humbling experience meeting people from all walks of life. We are very much the same, and yet very completely different.

Boot camp has been restructured since last I was here. This time we have, first, one day on-site: to quickly get to know your fellows, probable future colleagues and the entire staff. Quite a short time, but interesting too. Then the following three days are monitored home sessions. To survive this stage, it redefines one of Andela’s core values, Collaboration. Communication is paramount. If Darwin went through such an experience, he would have restructured his famous statement, “Survival for the fittest” to “Survival for the most collaborators” ;)

I’ve met many people but just a few stand out. Kitavi Joseph was one of the first people I met, right from Interviews to boot camp. His name has now become synonymous with Ruby on Rails to me, as he told me a lot about it. A great sharp mind he is and an interesting character to learn lots from.

Clement Mwendwa. Synonymous with what, you ask? Jamaican music (self explanatory). A lively character with interesting ideas on different issues. I’ve learnt a lot about Nairobi in the short space of time I interacted with him.

Hannah Masila has been a better instructor/guide in this bootcamp experience than I could ask for. I’m challenged to learn and ask more from her. And I have a goal to show her that I can learn Swahili in record time. Speaking of … kwa heri, which means goodbye for now.