Here’s the Tea from the Challenge Dirty 30 Episode 2 drama

Instead of putting this in my episode two recap, I have decided to make this its own thing.

I’m not going to be one to spread rumor, be decisive, or stir up anything. I have decided that I will be trying to put together all the news that I can find so that you guys can form your own opinion.

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What was told to us:

  1. Simone and Shane’s drama is started based on a “dry scalp” situation, where Simone is angry at Shane for not greasing her scalp as he is a hairdresser, and she does the dishes.
  2. Simone goes downstairs to talk about how Shane is terrible, while Devin and Amanda celebrate tini Tuesdays. Shane is overlooking, listening to her talk shit.
  3. More drama ensues between the two.
  4. According to Simone, they get into an altercation, and Shane smacks her twice across the face. She proceeds to protect herself and grabs a champagne bottle, the glass, and holds it out.
  5. Devin put Shane in a choke-hold where Shane proceeds to bite him. Security comes in, Shane is told to leave.
  6. Simone is informed that for the champagne bottle move that she will be also asked to leave.

What the “general” story is from multiple sources:

  1. The scalp greasing was a little tiff, but not the real reason for the fight.
  2. They got into an argument over them not casting enough African American people to the cast.
  3. Shane was annoyed by the concept. And apparently Jonna Mannion was thrown into the conversation. Simone states that Jonna is not truly “black” as she is lighter skin, raised by her white mom in the suburbs. An interesting assertion, and considering that Jonna is good friends with Simone, that’s something they may have discussed in the past.
  4. They got into it. Shane may or may not have hit her, and it was definitely very close. (On Instagram live, he said Shane was on top of her)
  5. Devin feels he did not intervene as fast as he should of out of shock (On Instagram Live, LaToya told him to break it up). According to Amanda, the bite by Shane was enough to send Devin to the hospital.

Social Media Information/Statements from LaToya, Devin, Amanda

Simone and Shane Responses (feat Tony and Amanda):

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