Taco Bell’s Naked Chicken Chips: Triangles are dope

With the announcement of the Naked Chicken Chips going nationwide at all Taco Bells, I felt the need as a long time chicken nugget consumer and expert to give my opinion.

Consumer Credentials:

Many McDonald’s 10 piece boxes
BK Chicken Fries in my younger phase
Raising Canes Chicken Fingers
Popeye’s and Church’s Chicken 
Popcorn Chicken at Tea Shops

much more Amateur and knock off content.

The Naked Chicken Chips

The Taste

If you enjoy pork rinds or super crispy popcorn chicken, this is a delicious snack for those midnight munchies. It’s coded with spices that are called “bold Mexican flavors”, which is essentially salt with a bit of tangy spice. It truly feels as if you are biting into a chip, except it is much more battered and layered. It’s legitimately a nacho chicken chip.

The queso dip is standard Taco Bell, so whether you like their cheese or not will decide how much you want to dip. I’m not a huge fan of it, however, I really enjoy pouring some hot sauce on the nugget. While I usually steer away from spice or hot sauce on most dishes, spicy fried chicken is a delicacy.

The Healthiness

Look, this is a very unhealthy snack. A 6 piece is 390 calories, has 50% more grams of fat than a 6 piece of nuggets from McDonalds. You’re not going to Taco Bell for a healthy diet, this a nice trendy add on to your late night drunken feast of tacos and crunch wraps. Maybe instead of a chalupa you get these one time.

Texture and Consistency

I will say as a fan of Taco Bell and fast food, this is not an item that I would get regularly. Taco Bell as rarely as I get it, feels routine, I get a 5 dollar box with a large Dr. Pepper, no sour cream, and possibly some cinnamon twists to share with friends. I’d try it once though if you get the chance.

It’s also a must try for the Taco Bell addicts.

The Overall Idea

This was probably really cheap to produce as it’s easy to fry, super thin, and easy to package. People also love their food that is in triangular form. Pizza, sandwiches, Doritos, and of course the origin of this dish, nachos. I give the idea a 6/10, not bad. It’s not as revolutionary as chicken fries, but it is pretty good.

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