The apathy of watching the Bachelor for an Avid Viewer

It makes me incredibly happy that Rachel is our next Bachlelorette. She is smart, kind, fun, and has great arms that so many people would die for. As an educated young woman, she is a strong role model for our younger girls to look up to and for our boys to respect as the next Bachelorette. I know it is reality television, but SO MANY people watch the Bachelor franchise shows that being a decent role model and figure actually matters. Rachel is a good figure and she deserves to be the first person of color to become the Bachelorette. And as a person of color who is the son of immigrant roots that worked hard, I support all strong people of color.

It just saddens me that the girl who I wanted to win this season of the Bachelor did not. Rachel is very joyous, and Nick has legitimate fun with her — no lust. There is a good amount of romance between the two, and their on-screen kisses are almost kismet. She seems like an excellent kisser. In the final four, there seems to be 2.5 serious competitors, except one of them is taken out completely making it 1.5. Vanessa has made a spark from the beginning. ABC heavily invested in her character with the high level of production of her intro video of where she was from and her work as a special needs teacher. Which is cool and all, but lately people have been digging up and finding her aspirations as an actress/model. I am fine with those aspirations, but it irks me a bit that she has been a bit judgmental of the lifestyles of other girls while essentially having the same life and goals.

Simply put, Vanessa is the front-runner of this show, her edit has always been good, she’s the most suited from Nick looks and personality wise in comparison to the interests Nick has always had in women. On top of that, Nick is definitely a boob guy, as he ogles the women’s cleavages whenever they are apparent. It’s why he kept Liz around for more than one episode, it’s why D-Lo made it as long as she did, and it is a major reason why he likes Vanessa so much.

Raven has been such a fun dark-horse, I think I would want to date Raven for five years. Be loyal to her, have fun dates, and she would understand that rich or poor, having fun is all that matter. She is very beautiful, and her black hair suits her Raven name so well. The problem is that she is 25, and she is more or less the girl you date for an extended period of time. Nick is 36, and the Bachelor has the marriage proposal on the table at the end. Raven might be the, but I am not sure for the timeline of everything going on.

If Corinne wins, I am throwing up. I love her in terms of television fun, and she would be really cool to watch on a show like Vanderpump Rules or Real Housewives one day, but if she wins…true love is dead.

Knowing that Rachel doesn’t win has made it an uphill battle for Raven against Vanessa. It is going to be nice to see the production level of the next couple episodes, but as a viewer, I just have apathy knowing that there might not be really any surprises left.

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