Can You Control Your “It” Factor?

Are you able to control your sexual energy, finding a balance that isn’t too forward but strong enough to keep you out of the friend zone? The balance is a learned skill, a craft that many desire but few possess.

While I’m clearly not a man, I FEEL what it’s like to be with a man with exquisite precision.

1. Their Eyes: They either SEE me as a piece of meat or a work of art by the way they look at me or through me.

2. Their Heart: They either FEEL safe, kind, grounded and present or scattered, hesitant, unsure of themselves and thus not trustworthy.

3. Their Center: My body either FEELS like it can exhale, open, soften or it turns contracts, withdraws and feels preyed upon.

Unfortunately, 100% of my clients can’t see their blind spots. These men have NO IDEA how they’re really coming across to women, and also no idea how to change it. Yet there’s something magical about a kind, non judgmental unconditionally loving Muse/Coach like myself that provides a safe, knowing and delicious space for them to sit in the fire and discover what I call their noble badass within. I believe it’s within every man.

Once awakened, it makes men want to give their jacket to her on a breezy afternoon, makes them want to put their firm hand in the small of our back, makes them want to buy that special dark chocolate we love and watch us radiate with joy out every pore of our body. It’s not just the actions. Just like a man can’t read a line from a book and expect to truly engage a woman. It’s an embodiment. It’s that “it factor” that makes a woman want to know you and makes herself want to open up to you.

Emasculated hearts can be healed. Presence, grounded confidence and freedom after a painful divorce, unfair custody battle or crushing heartbreak is totally possible. All you have to do is chose it and show up for the journey.

Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt’s passionate devotion to her audience via her podcast, blog, and coaching sessions helps men and women reclaim their joy, freedom and personal power dating and in relationships.