6 storytelling principles to improve your UX
Dan Nessler

Jenna Grabs Attention

Cold hard facts are boring!

Dan, great point about Creation of awareness: joy 😀, surprise 😯, sadness 😔, anger 😡, fear 😱, disgust 😖.

If a piece doesn’t evoke strong emotions, it’s super easy to skip it…

Imagine: you’re browsing through your FB feed.

Would you bother clicking on this Tweet:

11.6 percent of the population is below the poverty line.

Compare that with a Tweet that goes like this:

Jenna, a 3 year old, drinks coffee for breakfast because her parents can’t afford milk.

Funny how it’s so easy to empathize with one Jenna rather than billions of people!

In Short

When it comes to UX, someone would not even experience your product if they never bothered to pay attention in the first place.