Quick Reminder: Your ideas aren’t worth shit

Thanks for that reminder. Maybe don’t be too hard on yourself though. Did you really have a chance to get to the finish line before your competitor? It is not over till you are dead or maybe not even then. If you have discovered a better bleach you are entitled to feel that you have had a success, money or no money. In this world people don’t necessarily get paid for their contributions unfortunately. It is not a just or fair world. It can still be a lot of fun though. Many people still manage to survive for 60 years or more. If you are interested in making the world more fair I suggest not to look for fairness in a impersonal money driven competitive paradigm. The only way I think you could find it is if you can find colleagues/partners you can trust so that the whole has much greater strength than any one individual could have. Good luck finding them though. There are a hell of a lot of con artists out there and many more slaves. I hope you do not decide to be one of those con artists.

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