Daily mediunity

A physician is at a cardiac arrest. She continues the efforts, but advise to the team: “Let’s try more fifteen minutes, but certainly he will not come back… (whispering) I saw.”

A lady, housekeeper, is at the church when she sees a simple old man, without sacerdotal clothes, up at the altar, opening the bible. She shares with her son:

- Do you see that old man opening the bible up there?

- There is nobody up there, mom…

A young business woman arrives at home tired, lay down at the sofa, turn on the television at the soap opera. The rocking chair starts to balance. The windows are closed as the door. The balance goes on, insistently. The girl reproach: “If you want to watch, do it quiet!”

A youth is accompanying his wife in the dark room where she waits for a special exam for the head. Suddenly, his hand creep. He takes a pen and a paper and writes feverishly. In the end: “Look, Darling, what they said to us!” The girl wets her eyes and gives him a kiss. The employer responsible for the procedure asks gently for him to leave the room. The boy gives back a kiss in his wife and stay at the resting room rereading the letter, warmed.

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