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Crowds At Trump Impeachment March Are 50 Times Larger Than For His Inauguration

At protest actions across the country, Americans turned out in record numbers to let the president know his days are numbered

The author, as political activist and revolutionary Thomas Paine, joined hundreds of thousands of NYC protesters to say “NO!” to Donald Trump.

One year to the day that Donald Trump was inaugurated as President of the United States, the historic crowds that he so desperately craved did show up—for his impeachment.

In major cities across the country, Americans gathered in record numbers — fifty times larger than Mr. Trump’s inauguration turnout last year, by this author’s guesstimate (oh, what they hell, let’s say 100x larger) — to protest the presidency of Donald Trump, while also celebrating the first anniversary of the Women’s March and the movement it created.

Thousands of signs that Trump’s presidency is doomed

Among the countless pink pussy hats in the enormous crowds were brilliantly creative protest signs designed to express outrage while simultaneously humiliating Trumpelthinskin.

These were among the best:

Powerful rhyme makes up for weak graphics. (Credit:
I’m gonna guess that Mom had a hand in creating this one. (Credit:
This is no bull. (Credit:
Who doesn’t love good wordplay? (Credit:
I love it when grandma smiles before dropping the hammer. (Credit:
Nice use of a topical reference. (Credit:
You knew Carrie Fisher wouldn’t sit this one out. (Credit:
Formation feminism is not to be fucked with. (Credit:
Oldie but goodie. (Credit:
An understatement. (Credit:
WHAT!? I always thought they were saying “service.” (Credit:
This will not end pretty. (Credit:

While many participants say they loved the shared spirit of protest and the bonding they felt with other activists during the second Women’s March, all agree they don’t want to do it again and would be glad to stay home next year.

That sentiment prompted a very popular sign, one that showed up in thousands of variations at political protests across the country today:


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