Fart Sound From SodaStream Machines Caused By Release Of Methane Gas

Company has been filling carbonator tanks with bovine flatulence instead of CO2 to cut costs, lawsuit charges

Environmental scientists say that cows release so much methane gas, they actually contribute to a warming atmosphere. Lawyers for SodaStream claim by using the gas the company is performing a service to customers and the environment.

A class-action suit filed by infuriated customers of SodaStream Inc., the maker of carbonation products, charges the company with filling their carbonator cartridges with captured cow toots instead of carbon dioxide.

SodaStream said capturing methane gas from cows and using it to carbonate water shows their climate consciousness. A lawsuit says their real motivation was cost-cutting.

Millions of SodaStream users have noticed the embarrassing fart sound when carbonating tap water in their homes using the company’s machines, but few ever suspected it was caused by actual farts.

“My family always laughs when we carbonate water, especially when we have guests over,” said Geraldine Myers, a mother of three from Gary, IN, who says she uses her SodaStream machine daily. “Now I feel angry knowing the fart sounds were coming from real bovine butt belches. That’s not only disgusting, it’s probably unhealthy. ”

Jesse Balfour turned into a human torch when highly-flammable methane gas escaped from his SodaStream machine. The compressed gas was, in fact, bovine flatulence.

The scandal came to light when Jesse Balfour, a hospital products salesman living in Easton, PA, was smoking a cigarette while using a SodaStream machine in his kitchen. Within seconds, his wife reported, he burst into flames when a small amount of the methane gas leaked and ignited. The explosion was so powerful Mr. Balfour was completely engulfed as he ran from his house. He received third degree burns over his entire body but is expected to survive the flaming flatulence.

A spokesman for SodaStream said the company is now exploring capturing their methane gas from landfills instead of cows.