Maybe you should start calling your rantings “Allan’s Daily Douche Bagginess”!
Steven Sicular

I like it, Steven. But I’m kind of a niggler for my full name.

Any objection to me calling it, “Allan Ishac’s Daily Douche Bagginess?”

On another note, how is it possible to defend a man who is about to resign before he is impeached or arrested for treason. Come on, Steven, after last night you don’t feel a little embarrassed defending this crook? It must be horrible to stand alongside a twit like this.

No buyer’s remorse, just cognitive dissonance?

Alright, man, you can keep reading my Daily Douche Bagginess since you’re doing so already, but don’t bring any of your friends!


P.S. What’s the story with that anyway? This is like the second or third time you’ve come around to throw stones. Why don’t you just stop reading the my douche bagginess, because when you keep doing it, it’s not me who’s the douchebag. Capice?

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