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Jeopardy Champ Enters Presidential Race As “Genius Party” Candidate

Game show winner James Holzhauer hopes to “grab the Mensa vote away from fake geniuses” in 2020 contest

Allan Ishac
May 14 · 2 min read
Jeopardy champion Holzhauer has political ambitions for 2020. (
In addition to becoming a Hall of Famer, Holzhauer wants to become a “moron tamer,” apparently a reference to the current president. (Credit:
  • Eliminating income taxes in Nevada (Holzhauer lives in Las Vegas)
  • Doubling the tax deduction for charitable gifts (Holzhauer is donating a portion of his winnings to The Las Vegas Natural History Museum)
  • Reducing the cost of tickets to the U.S. Open Tennis tournament (Holzhauer is buying courtside tickets for his tennis-loving parents)

Allan Ishac

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