Andela Cohort 23 Day 1 of Boot camp

After two tries I finally got to the boot camp stage of the Andela-Kenya recruitment process (yay!). This week is a remote learning week meaning you do it on your own (at home or wherever else you might happen to be).

We kick off the week with a Google Hangouts call with my team mates and our facilitator, Tina. As we go through the material and resources, it slowly begins to dawn on me that this is going to be as easy as skinning a live leopard. We have to complete a full-stack web app in about a week!

Thankfully, Andela have broken this massive challenge into bite sized mini-challenges that don’t seem too bad when taken one at a time (something every software engineer does) and after looking at it this way, it doesn’t seem that difficult.

So I buckle down and get to it. A couple of hours later I come up with a rather pleasing user interface, learned my way around git hub and loving every minute of it. This after all is what I have always wanted to do. Challenge accepted!

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