Team Aurora

The Northern Lights (Aurora), Photo by Mats-Peter Forss on Unsplash

My team this week in the Andela boot-camp has consisted of 8 members; Isaac, Mercy, Eric, Hussein, Eunice, Stephen, our Learning Facilitation assistant (LFA), Tina, and of course yours truly.

We came up with the name on day one as a first group effort. Isaac suggested it, I seconded and once everyone understood that the aurora was this majestic natural phenomenon, we had a unanimous decision!

My teammates are awesome people, always willing to lend a hand and ask for help when they need it. As a matter of fact, on the very first day Isaac, who is a Systems Administrator by day (and developer by night) asked to collaborate with me on the very first day! Cool dude this one.

Then there’s Erick. He’s a visual guy. Always answering questions with screenshots, posting his blockers with screenshots, asking for screenshots… I think his motto is ‘no screenshot, no understand’, hehehe.

Hussein. Operates behind the scenes then, bam! Hits you over the head with a ton of resources and/ or answers; ‘this snippet will help’, ‘this tutorial is awesome’, ‘check your requirements.txt’ and so on.

Our LFA is fantastic! She knows just when to step in and when to leave you to it. We’ll be having issues and she’ll watch to see if we can handle it (which we do, most of the time) and if we can’t she’ll go all out to see we get around it. She’s direct, cuts right to the chase; ‘where’s this?’, ‘how come you haven’t done this…’

Loving my team and the Andela experience.

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