One really poor design is the grading user interface for moodle. I chose this design because I am a TA and use this a lot to grade. This is designed for Professors and TAs to grade student work and for students to receive feedback. However I am focusing on the grading aspect. When I grade there is an option to “View all submissions” as shown below in the picture.

The problem with this interface is when I want to enter a grade, it goes to the page below when I select “Grade”.

In this page, it gives me a preview of what the submitted file is. I can enter grades or comments here. The issue I have is that as a TA for computer science, files are not usually the right extension for a preview. Thus this causes lag when loading up this screen. Another issue is partners usually work together on programs for computer science. When I grade one homework, I’m basically grading the partner’s at the same time so it would be convenient to enter the grade for them as well. The function to do this is shown in the picture below.

The issue with this is it jumps out of order when I skip to a student and do not know which students are left to grade (from the picture above we see what number user I am currently on, when we select a student to go to like the picture on the left, it goes to a different number). So I basically have to go back to the beginning page to “View All Submissions” again just so I can start off where I left off to make sure no one was left ungraded. It’s a really slow process to grade because of all these designs. I wish that I could grade directly, write comments, and download files directly from the first picture where I can “View All Submissions” instead of having it take me to another interface to grade. What makes this design awful is the amount of work I have to go through to grade a student’s work causing a large waste of time.

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