Auto-labeling GKE Nodes for XFS support

  • The need to remember to add a XFS node label when creating a new node pool
  • The assumption that ubuntuhas xfsprogs installed
  • The assumption that cos does not have xfsprogs installed. (It doesn’t right now but you never know)

Detecting XFS host support

hostPID: true
- name: tmp
emptyDir: {}
- name: detect
image: wardsco/nsenter
command: ["sh", "-eo", "pipefail", "-c"]
args: ["nsenter -t 1 -m -u -i -n -p -- sh -c 'command -v xfs_mkfile' && touch /tmp/xfs_mkfile || true"]
privileged: true
- name: tmp
mountPath: /tmp/

Labeling the node for support

- name: label
image: wardsco/kubectl:1.11
command: ["sh", "-eo", "pipefail", "-c"]
args: ["kubectl label node --overwrite $NODE_NAME fs.type/xfs=$(test -e /tmp/xfs_mkfile && echo 'true' || echo 'false'"]
- name: NODE_NAME
fieldPath: spec.nodeName
- name: tmp
mountPath: /tmp/
readOnly: true

Putting it together

The Adventures of Me

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Allan Lei

Allan Lei

The Adventures of Me

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