Mounting XFS on GKE

  1. The default image on GKE is gci, based on ChromiumOS, which does not have a straightforward method for installing packages for xfs.
  2. container-vm does have xfsprogs, but is not installed by default
  3. Custom images are not supported on GKE.
  4. There’s no standard/recommended method for running node startup scripts.

Putting it together

  1. Create a node-pool using thecontainer-vmimage.
  2. Build the startup script Docker image
  3. Create a startup-script daemonset based on Kubernetes' startup-script example.
  4. Add the daemonset to kubernetes
  5. Create an empty disk on GCE.
  6. Create a PersistentVolumewith fsType:xfs.
  7. Apply the PersistentVolume and Kubernetes will format the disk to xfs on mount.

The Adventures of Me

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Allan Lei

Allan Lei

The Adventures of Me

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