I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

I agree with your take. If Facebook is generating revenue from false paid new posts and fake accounts then they certainly are responsible. The easiest way to correct this for the future`might be to add to each account login screen, a warning that information presented on Facebook has not been verified. A large percentage of the news media failed on their handling of Trump’s constant lies and misinformation. The news media and social media worlds need to change the manner in which they respond to outright lies. Debates need rules that respect truth.

There where a number of times I felt that Trumps mic should have been simple turned off during the deabtes. Trump was a great attraction a side show for the media. The Republican debates were not debates they were hate hillary fest with Trump given the stage to say what ever came into his mind.

I learned from this election is that the metrics of elections has changed. The fact that bearly a newspaper in the country supported Trump shows that a large number of the Trump supporters are not reading the papers.

Breitbart, I am sure is seen by many people as the truth, but it’s not.
This was a Breitbart election, and the one thing that lost for sure was, Truth oh and America.

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