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This is exactly the type of issue you’d expect. Proves that handing over business to his son’s is not a viable option. Presidential candidates need to be able to engage an effective blind trust as well as pass mental competency testing. Trump would fail both. Brilliant. Move by China. Nothing like tossing some bolts into the machine.

Republicans, representatives in Washington DC, your involvement in this right wing feeding frenzy is not going unnoticed. You know who you are, you should know that large numbers of voters see you as traitors. You stand and watch silently as POTUS makes a mockery of the USA. Republicans stand silent as our rule of law is violated by a foreign government. Justice will prevail, our constitution will sustain us through the days of resistance ahead. We are Americans first, our land is under attack. It is time to muster as free people. Each one of us has a role to play. I will refuse to be silenced. What will you do?