Our President is a Traitor and the Republicans are playing games with language.

I am watching our “Director of Home Land Security”, “John Kelly” on “Meet The Press”. “Kelly”, just suggested, a “Kushner” construct of a back channel with Russia via a, Russian closed communication facility, in context might be appropriate. “Kelly’s” comments, presented an argument that the political climate in Washington might require this type of secret communication.

Kelly is wrong, wrong and wrong.

The timing of this bizarre contact with Russia was prior to the inauguration, Trump was not President yet. It is not OK that Trump and his cronies where circumventing the role of the sitting President. “Kelly”, and other “Trump” mouths, should have been focusing on preparing to take office. Instead, these interlopers, were hard at work, continuing their love affair with our enemy Russia.

The Trump/Russia orgy that took place in the Oval Office, without Our own press being present, was the lowest point I have observed, or, not observed, in my life. Putin, offering to forward a transcript of the parlay to our press, will eventually be considered the loudest “Hardy Har, Slap in The Face of America”, ever to come from an enemy state.

TRAITORS, Traitors, Republican’s you are coming very close to culpability.
Republican Congressmen and women, where is your allegiance to our people, our country. On Memorial Day, your lack of action regarding this treason, violates our military and all those who have sacrificed their lives for our nation.

I guess this might be considered normal for a majority party that just recently approved Health Care legislation that would have ripped the health care away from at least twenty four million citizens. Republicans are working hard for some one and it is not you or I, the people.

This is not a time for quite.