I am man, the destroyer of worlds.

Title of Portfolio, Waste Lands: West Texas Oil Fields from 24K Feet, allan rosen-ducat©2016

Buying into decades of selfish addiction to gasoline at the cost of nature, I’m guilty, I’ll admit it.

Fly over western Texas and you will see our handy work. Cut into the earths surface below, are hundreds of square mile of well heads and drilling platforms. The land is forever scared by our worlds addiction to oil and gas. Poisoned lands stretch over the Horizon and further. 
Oil and Gas infrastructure as far as one can see while buckled into a 757 seat, making a 24,000 foot flyby. This is our legacy, our gift to future generations. Around the globe humans have created toxic deformations of land and habitat, more humans more mess. Why do we deform the land we work. We replace orangic form with ninety degree angles.

Flights over different lands yield other views of misuse and disregard for the environment. Norilsk, Russia, is one of those ruined places. One of the coldest places in Siberia, Norilsk, chewed up Gulag Slave laborers of which 16,800 lost their lives from 1935–1956 working in horrific conditions.

The image below is a normal satellite image of Norilsk, (thank you google earth). Further down the page is an artificially colored satellite image filtered to show concentrations of atmospheric Sulfur Dioxide. Satellite remote sensing imagery shows heavy SO2 gaseous concentrations being emitted by most mining activity, globally.

Norilsk, Russia, Nickel, copper, cobalt, platinum, palladium and coal are mined above the Arctic Circle.
SO2 streams from the mining and smelting city of Norilsk, Russia.

Canada, has it’s own environmental disasters. Let’s fly over Ft. McKay, which is about fifty miles away from the center of the Canadian Oil Sands, Ft. McMurry. These were pristine Arctic lands.

Canadian Oil Sands at Ft. McKay
SO2 emissions from the Canadian oil sands.

Of course there is other pollution from this activity. CO2 emissions are extreme, add in the emissions from creating a product that will flow in a pipe. Then pollution at point of use adds additional impact. The Oil Sands also impact migrating wildlife. We also must consider the impact caused by transportation, construction and mining operations.

As I studied the SO2 maps globally, I realized that every mining operation emits high impact levels of global warm gases

Multiply these gas emissions and environmental impact by a factor hundreds and you begin to have some concept of the global pollution occurring in just a single market sector of industry on any given day.

The political state of our country is beyond rational understanding. 
We should all be fearful of the harm which might be inflicted on the environment by the Trump aberration. Republican law makers should think before they arbitrarily, roll back decades of hard work. Images of environmental impact must be shown to the children, to everyone.

With Google Earth, you can see, natural gas fracking rigs and platforms spread out across the worlds shale deposits. In the Appalachian Mountains of the US a simple fly over with Google Earth will show the extent of Mountain Top Coal mining. From Google Earth you will see that there is little land left untouched by humans at this date.

There are many environmental challenges ahead. I think we all need to 
be able to accept that we have allowed this violence to be inflicted upon the Earth. Each human on the planet bears responsibility for his or her environmental impact. So many good people worked so hard just to get our nation to the point we were, Pre-Trump. I can only suggest that we continue to resist and take every chance we can to monkey wrench the coming onslaught against our Mother Earth.