Brands Take Notice, As Flipboard Influencers Emerge

Gil C / Shutterstock

Top brand managers are turning to Flipboard influencers in order to reach engaged, active audiences. And it’s no surprise. Flipboard is hot. Twitter recognizes this fact, inking a recent advertising partnership with the digital glossy platform. The deal coincides with Flipboard releasing its closely guarded monthly active reader count (a very impressive 50 million).

Without missing a beat, Flipboard brilliantly expanded the reach of its curated mags with the launch of a beautiful, large-screen web experience (a move many have been waiting for). And about the recently released advertising opportunity the company calls Promoted Items, Emily Allen, SVP of Ad Strategy at Business Insider says:

“Promoted Items allows us to extend our sponsored content’s reach to millions of Business Insider followers on Flipboard monthly. It’s a powerful vehicle for increasing discovery.”

That’s quite an endorsement from a group known for highlighting the best of content marketing strategies. Brands like Levi’s and NARS Cosmetics also see the value in Flipboard’s Promoted Items, with both launching content campaigns earlier this month.

In 2014, we saw many content marketing detractors. Some marked the year as the end of the outreach strategy. Others boldly proclaiming that content marketing is dead. As such predictions missed the mark, others are carrying the torch forward, repeating the message, with the primary difference being a +1 bump in the year of demise.

The problem with the doom and gloom views seen in some content marketing circles is that the negative positions almost always hold SEO as a central concern. Most tech trend trackers are well aware of Google’s algorithm updates wreaking havoc on digital marketing strategies of all kinds. On the surface those concerns seem warranted. Dig a little deeper, however, and what Google’s progression actually reveals are holes in negatively affected brands’ content marketing strategies.

Source: Smart Insights — Marketing Trends 2015

What struggling content marketers fail to see are the many wonderful opportunities beyond the status quo that lead to more complete content strategies. Reality is that content marketing is alive and well. Content marketing is challenging, however. The landscape is one where only the creative brand strategist finds a home. These leaders uncover exciting & new ways to get the right content in front of audiences when they’re most receptive to the message.

Engagement is the name of the game for Flipboard influencers. The people behind Flipboard’s most alluring magazines bring together the key elements savvy marketers recognize as strategic brand differentiators: context, content, and audience. For a very recent example we only need to look at the recently-concluded New York Fashion Week, and Flipboard’s most complete coverage of the event, New York Fashion Week Moment — one of the several magazines to which I contribute.

Over 300,000 page flips — in one day.

During its peak day, New York Fashion Week Moment saw attention grabbing reach north of 7,500 unique viewers, attracting a staggering 305,000 page flips. That’s one event, one magazine, and just one day. We were impressed. The numbers prove that Flipboard readers are mindfully interacting with their topic affinities, and that’s a huge opportunity for brands.

Readers shared their appreciation of our New York Fashion Week coverage, regularly liking and re-flipping content. Of particular note was our showcasing Marc Jacobs’ fall 2015 collection alongside behind-the-scenes Instagram photos captured by New York Fashion Week attendees. Consensus was that the experience was as natural as the real-world experience. What this means for brand relationships with Flipboard influencers is pretty clear. Content marketing partnerships simply make sense. Influencers know what works with their audiences.

Successful digital marketers seek out new and creative opportunities to expand their strategic portfolios. Flipboard presents a platform that enables a new group of social influencers to reach and engage in ways quite distinct from other media platforms. Distinguished brand managers know that beyond reaching audiences with craftily created original content, a bonus is reaching that audience during moments of overall excitement. There’s no shortage of excitement around the undeniable elegance of the Flipboard user experience.

Has your brand established its Flipboard influencer network? While the landscape is still fresh, the most discerning curators look to ensure content integrity by selecting very carefully their content marketing partnerships. Reach out to the influencers now, and enjoy the unique momentum that Flipboard brings to those who understand the opportunity.