Op-Ed — With All Due Respect, Mr. Trump, That’s Not How Deterrence Works
War Is Boring

While I thoroughly enjoy reading WiB for tales of obscure sidearms, unique history & reporting, high tech, and defense-spending muckracking, I’m noticing many commenters complain whenever there’s a “political” article.

I’m okay with this, for a few reasons:

  • As the US military is civilian-led, and thus subject to the executive branch, the policies of candidates have enormous implications to global security, and my fellow citizens who serve in the armed forces.
  • “From drones to AKs, high tech to low politics…” is right there in the description.

Now, I’d say it’s more productive if we stayed on the topic at hand, and discuss the policies, and not get too into the muck. But the two domains are not separable.