Choice Overload

So I’ve been thinking of blogging (again… for like the 7th time in 10 years) but can never really stick with it. And this seems to be true with a lot of things including exercise and diets.

Something always comes up. I start out strong or have a plan to do something but things change.

I also like reading and I have a lot to read… but some new game, show or a coding bug or problem easily throws things off.

Yes, I can focus but for only certain things and only if I’m not distracted and remain in the zone.

Otherwise. I do whatever comes to mind.

Not sure if that’s living in the moment or just self gratification… maybe it’s some mild form of ADD or perhaps lack of commitment/willpower?

Anyway, what was I talking about? Right choices. It seems I have so many different things I can do/want to do that very often, I end up deciding on a whim… and in the end not much gets done… unless of course I end up in the zone… but again that’s rare especially with constant distractions… like the amount of typos I’m making on my phone. I’m actually editing this on my computer right now and fixing some that I have missed… but these keyboards are supposed to be predictive!!!

One frequent distraction are mobile games. Sometimes I only plan to play for 20 minutes but then it becomes an hour… or two… or the entire day… or week…

Or right now I’m kinda in the zone but I’ve got this small voice nagging me to go back to the game or do something else like:

  • check DevRant for new notifications
  • read a some blinks (, ~10 minute book summaries)
  • catch up on some of my email newsletters
  • reply to a friend that just messaged me (purely coincidental)
  • switch to my computer because this keyboard is making too many typos SwiftKeys and Google are supposed to be smart and predictive…
  • take a break and watch some anime, I’ve got a few series in the backlog

And now I’m not sure how to continue… I’ll finish later… maybe… or perhaps in a few days… if I don’t feel like working on another post instead…

Speaking of which.. perhaps that’s the strategy I should take: write about whatever I feel like in short bursts, and just publish when one of them feels finished… and after some editing.

But wait! isn’t that what I don’t like? I always tell others to finish one project before starting another…

OK… now it’s turning into a rambling… if not already… what was I going to say next… crap stupid typos that I had to go back and correct (otherwise I would then forget what I wanted to say) but now I’ve forgotten what I wanted to say next… and am down to 40% power and uh… spent 30 minutes on this… I’ve actually got to go now, have something else I need to do…

Right so yes.. choices… too many… what to do???

Yea yea, prioritize… I do that already… but there’s just so many in the middle and their priorities always change….