for the last time — I am watching America being divided by Ignorance… I’m sorry to say it like that. Just watch this video before you decide “OH I will vote for her because she’s a woman and I’m a woman and trump is a monster and we want equal pay, no war & I am OK with immigration!”

Don’t be blinded by the big manipulated words used by the media like BUILD A WALL, BANKRUPTCY & DEPORTATION. Don’t misinterpret your natural instinct to hate from making a good decision that comes from fear. Meaning, Change can be good! More of the same will plummet this country. Look around, We have no money! We have debt, high rents, low salaries & Inflation is alive and well steadily increasing 2/3% a year… Meaning that if you are lucky to make a 50 K Salary after 25% Taxes leaves you with $36,500. (AVG RENT US — 934% +3.7% Annual Increase)
the sad part is that most homes bring in 50 K With a combined house hold income.

In my opinion, DEMOCRATS turned this country into a money pit. That’s why I bluntly share this post. I am a taxpayer and just because I’m single with no “immediate dependents” (wife&children) the government feels entitled to take 30% of my salary and feels it’s ok to reward me with $900 back at the end of the year. I’d honestly be ok with it if HEALTH CARE & EDUCATION would be free in this country.

I could say more but I don’t want to offend anybody. I won’t let fear stop me from pushing those “headline readers” to spread the right message over the wrong one. If you are going to backup a US Candidate, be sure why you’re doing it and not simply because you dislike the opponent for lack of knowledge reasons. 
Do you hate a businessman for being a businessman? That who takes advantage of the poorly written system? Kids… then You should start hating on your favorite corporate brands like apple, Nike and pretty much every home appliance out there. They don’t manufacture here, they don’t produce here and MOST IMPORTANTLY they keep their money in Tax haven Countries.

The reason why that happens is because the system is broken. So, we need a change. Top Executives pay them selves $1 a year. Otherwise, they’d had to pay — taxes on their employees, products & their salary.