Your relationship’s greatest enemy is you.

Yes, we get involved with fucked up people who hurt us and have no tools to build shit. We put ourselves out there only to be crushed, betrayed, and rejected. But the more we blame and hate, the more we will stay stuck in what was. And like plaque, resentment builds and builds until it starts to decay our soul. Love becomes Santa Clause and we stop believing. Or more accurately, we become afraid. And there’s a difference between being cautious and making smart choices and being afraid. If we allow our fear to grow, we become our worst enemy. We are now fighting ourselves. We create a wall. We don’t allow love in. We dig a moat around our castle. Then we enter the next relationship with emotional stutter. We overthink. We evaluate. We judge. We create poison instead of soil. We love soft.

Fear creates insecurity.

Fear creates jealousy.

Fear creates distance.

Fear creates overthinking. ==>>READ MORE

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