Panoz Abruzzi is the new pride of the Le Mans Series and Panoz Auto Development, describing it as a new exclusive sports super car, reflecting the Le Mans soul.

This car was revealed during the 24 hours Le Mans race. The event has a special meaning to the Panoz brand, since it was the winner of the 2006 year’s race, in the GT2 class.


For those who aren’t familiar with the Panoz brand, we will fill you in. Panoz Motor Sport Group represents a powerful company with a pretty famous name in the motorsports world and one of the low series sports car production factories.


Panoz Abruzzi comes in a retro classic style, with the latest technologies on board. The body of the car is made of REAMS (Recyclable Energy Absorbing Matrix System), a technology that is used for the very first time in a car construction. The REAMS technology provides along with its newness, some structural, ecological and performance benefits.


Another new technology that we can admire on this car is Trifecta Cooling, which considerably eases the engine’s performances and functionality. The LEDs lightings have been also widely used on Abruzzi.

For the year 2011, these technologies were quite impressive. The car is powered by a V8 engine, 6.2 liters, supercharged, which ensured a torque of 590 lb at 640 hp.


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