AI in sports betting

Jul 30 · 3 min read

Bookmakers and experienced players are actively using Neural Networks
and Big Data in forecasting. The theorists and developers of AI are trying
not only to learn the essence of human intelligence but also to create
independent intellectual units. We need not an ordinary mind, but
unmistakable thinking, a rational agent who will not fail in a difficult

An accurate forecast is the result of processing gigabytes of information.
Analysis of the set of parameters, which includes the statistics of previous
games, the effectiveness of players, together and separately, their injuries,
analysis of news content and much more.

Information is constantly updated, and on the basis of the obtained and
most relevant data, forecasting of events is compiled.

AI testing

Artificial intelligence is a technology that allows you to simulate human
mental activity and find various ways to solve these or other issues.
Our AI developers face a difficult task: introducing self-learning and self-
development skills into a machine.

Taking into account the peculiarities of behaviour, preferences, chosen strategies and habits of betters, the AI ​​is able to analyze and predict a potentially correct bet choice for each player.

In order to find the most realistic forecast, based on many factors, among
many variations, our team will use a variety of both simple available
algorithms and complex ones with serious engineering work by specialists.

On top of that, the forecast and analytics issued by our platform will be
based not only on one algorithm and not only on the analysis of input data
by matches and players, but it will be based on sets of algorithms that will
provide a lot of data, such as information from social. networks, user mood,
tracking reviews and comments.

The calculations also take information about what the atmosphere in the
team, what the weather, coverage, what data the bookmakers, as well as
the opinion leaders.

All this works with the help of algorithms and is combined into a single whole, where at the output we get not only the answer to the question of who will win or lose with a probability share of 80-85%, but also completely all analytics, reviews, news, forecasts, collective intelligence, and much more.

First results

Most recently, we conducted the first AI tests to predict events, and at the
moment we are satisfied with the result. AI predicted the outcome of events
with a result of 70%. This means that by betting on our platform using AI,
which was developed specifically for this purpose, you can win in 7 out of
10 matches.

This is only the beginning and the first testing. We are constantly working to
improve and update our platform; we conclude contracts with leading
universities for the development of AI and neural networks.
Our goal is to create for you an assistant in the form of an AI, who, based
on your preferences, will be able to issue only correct predictions, betting
on which you can constantly win.

Even a superficial glance is enough to understand how useful AI is in the
betting industry. With it, you can limit the dangerous bets, so you can
minimize the risks and extract the maximum profit from sporting events.

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Allbebet is an infrastructure project in the field of sports, gaming and technology solutions in the scope of AI.

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