Blockchain and cruptocurrencies are changing sport before our eyes

Oct 14 · 5 min read

Cryptocurrencies and sports are gradually becoming one. Sport is a world that can fascinate any one of us, and cryptocurrencies make this world even more perfect and technologically advanced. And today more and more representatives of the sports world realize it.

It is noteworthy that the process of penetration of cryptocurrencies into the world of sports has been going on in a flash. Only at the beginning of this year the first contract between a large sports club “Arsenal” and blockchain-company CashBet was signed, only a few months have passed, and almost every week there is news that the next famous athlete launches his cryptocurrency or participates in the blockchain project.

Football at the forefront of blockchain

London’s Arsenal has become a kind of pioneer on the way to “uniting” sports and blockchain. Having signed an agreement with CashBet, the club undertook to advertise ICO token CashBet Coin — a new cryptocurrency for gamers.

The value of the deal was not disclosed, one of which is assumed by a number of sources to exceed $1 million.

According to the contract, the CashBet Coin advertisement is placed on Emirates Stadium and Arsenal’s official website, and the use of photos of the club’s players and its emblem is allowed during the promotion of the cryptocurrency.

Gradually, the “cryptocurrency fever” spread to many famous representatives of football. The support of Sirin Labs, the company developing the world’s first kryptosmartphone Finney, was announced by King of Football Lionel Messiah.

Sirin Labs proudly announced the signing of an agreement with the greatest footballer of our time.

“Welcome to our family! Together we will provide a friendly and safe access to the mass market for Blockchain technology,” was announced in the official installation account of the company, founded by Kazakh investor Kenes Rakishev and Israeli entrepreneur Moshe Hegog.

Another famous footballer who decided to support the Stox blockchain platform of sports forecasts was the formidable striker of Barcelona Luis Suarez. The Stox project is implemented by, which expects an annual revenue of $ 50 million. All calculations are conducted in the etherium. Back in the summer of 2017, Suarez offered 25 million subscribers to make a forecast for winning the US Open tennis game by putting out a collage with Roger Federer.

Finally, Madrid’s Real Madrid, which won two consecutive Champions League titles, became the first Spanish club to support payment in Bitcoin. However, until the cryptocurrency can not be paid in the days of official matches, but you can order an official tour of the great stadium “Santiago Bernabeu”. Such an opportunity appeared due to the company 13Tickets, which is now negotiating in a similar vein with “Atletico”.

Hockey players are keeping up

Representatives of hockey, which is so beloved by many people, are not lagging behind football on the way to implementing innovative technologies. At the end of 2017, the sports world was lit up with news from the Danish hockey club Rungsted, which renamed its ice palace Bitcoin Arena, as its new general sponsor was Danish Bitcoin billionaire Niklas Nicolaisen, the owner of Bitcoin Suisse, a payment provider.

An advanced sponsor also offered players to pay their salaries in cryptocurrency. The first player to agree to this proposal was forward Mykola Rosenthal. The contract concluded with him provides for the norms protecting the player from loss of money under the condition of sharp price fluctuations of digital currency.

One of the best hockey players on the planet, Nikita Kucherov, who participates in the Russian project TokenStars — a platform for working with beginners and active sports stars — also decided to “connect his life with blockchain”. It is noteworthy that another famous hockey player, NHL star and Olympic bronze medalist Pavel Datsyuk and a famous representative of another popular winter sport — biathlon — Norwegian biathlete Tarja Bo — took part in the recently organized charitable blockchain auction along with Kucherov.

Cryptocurrencies are welcome in both the NBA and tennis

The NBA has long been called one of the world’s most advanced leagues. The use of cryptocurrencies here started back in 2014, when for many they remained absolutely unknown. The Sacramento Kings club acted as an experimenter, allowing fans to pay with bitcoins for electronic tickets and equipment in an online store.

Already this year, a billionaire and Dallas Mavericks club owner Mark Kuban decided to follow a similar path, and he intends to start accepting payments in cryptocurrencies as early as next season in the NBA.

But as an investor in digital assets, Nick Kirgios, one of the world’s brightest tennis players, decided to act as an investor in digital assets. He invested in the Auscoin project, a network of cryptomachines in Australia. Taking into account the fact that the commission of such ATMs with any operation is 6%, we can assume a fairly good income, which can be counted on by the new cryptoinvestor Kirgios.

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