ESports betting

Aug 20 · 2 min read

Today, eSports is a landmark and a key direction for all modern
bookmakers. This is definitely an emerging trend and a huge untapped
market of opportunity.

Nowadays, almost 100 million people are positioning themselves as fans of
virtual sports. These statistics indicate that, for example, the number of
fans of eSports and hockey is almost equal. Of course, this is a huge
indicator and if growth does not stop, then very soon this number will

Already, eSports has managed to reach a certain level at which it can set
new formats for entertainment, and the days when it was only the lot of
geeks are long gone.

Computer battles are immensely popular and big money rotates here. The
fees of e-sports stars will very soon catch up with football, even journalists,
making their publications equate e-sports with a classic sport.

What do the numbers say?

In 2014, over 15 million viewers watched the broadcast of the NBA Finals.
And in the same year on the Twitch platform, there were over 70 million
viewers who, holding their breath, followed the game of the League of
Legends. If we talk about the analytics of many agencies, then in the near
future the hobby of eSports will increase by at least 100%.

We can observe the recurring stages of development, which at one time
overcame the classic sport. Today, almost every bookmaker to accept bets
on computer games. Over time, the options for events will increase

Simply put, e-sports bets are not much different from the usual rates. There
are many nuances and differences, but in general, the concept remains the
same. You just have to choose a reliable and honest bookmaker and bet
on your favourite team.



Allbebet is an infrastructure project in the field of sports, gaming and technology solutions in the scope of AI.

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